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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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better the resource center. dr. griffin made that happen along with walter newman. this veteran the resource center has brought a lot of good things to veterans, such as the va right next door, the chance for veterans who do not feel comfortable going to a hospital, they feel comfortable at school, so we matched both of them. we are getting a lot of good turnaround. our mission also is to bring the veterans together in one home where we can have an easier transition from service to the higher education institutes. also, like the mayor said, we are trying to make sure all veterans coming to see the college are taken care of because it will be multiplying for time to come. the gi bill has been so great,
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making things happen, where today it can establish the economy -- to focus on the economy, giving veterans a chance to go to school by providing the highest gi bill assistance we have had so far. we had an increase of 1000 veterans since last semester. last semester we had 200 veterans. that is a good initiative. this is allowing more people to go to school. i am also here because a lot of veterans have problems bringing their issues to the va, problems with learning.
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but they are so grateful for this city which takes care of them. this is another step forward to make sure that we continue that. i want to thank san francisco for really helping us veterans. thank you. >> thank you all, very much. we are here to answer any question that you may have. >> can you tell us more how 311 works? my personal experience is, i often get another phone number. >> nancy, you can explain the website that is up. >> i am not a veteran but i believe in providing help to people, so we have designed a comprehensive web site with information in terms of general resources, job and education training, housing, social
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services, mental health. just a vast array of resources you can find in one place. in most cases, when people call 311, we can provide language assistance and give you the resources available, depending on the need of the veteran. we can provide them a link to the information, service, whether it is sorts to plowshares or anything else. we would provide that information to them. we would not provide the phone number unless they ask for it, but we would deliver those services, based on their request. >> so it is mostly referring them to the website? >> if they won general resource information, but if there is specific information, then we would respond to that specific question. so we would provide the information it to the person at
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that time, as well as additional links to any sort of information that they might need. >> that can be a pretty time- consuming process. [inaudible] >> all of our staff is cross train, so they will be ready to help. >> it is one of the initiatives they are having right now, drilling down on this specialty. the backbone of 311 was generic, but we are building these backbones to have more specific concentration of on certain things. >> so if i called and i said i was a home was a veteran, can you find me a place to live? >> we would not find you a place to live but we would go to the resource which provides homeless assistance. we would provide you the
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resources to that. >> so again, are you just going to say, we have this program, you should call. will that person actually be the lead person who gets to the housing? >> we would provide the resource to the agency, but again, we would provide you the information of what is required. it is not just saying "colorado here." it is more of a conversation, is this what your looking for? >> any other questions?
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>> good morning, and welcome to the meeting of the neighborhood services and city operations committee. i am supervisor chu, joined by avalos and dufty. are there any announcements? >> all people here are asked to turn off cell phones and pagers. if you wish to submit speaker
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cards, put them to the left. if you wish to give copies of this -- give this and it will be considered tuesday, nov. 16 unless another date is indicated. >> item one. resolution authorizing the department of health to retroactively enact $106,526 for the heat wave and air quality project from sept 1, 2010 to august 30, 2011. >> i am rebecca with a nexpand req -- an expand request.
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this will allow us to do data collection for planning related to heat-wave fulnerability -- vulnerability. we will look across the population to look at heat intensity. and ems data for calls related to medical emergencies and how we can better our planning for the future. for heatwave emergencies. >> is the goal to have a plan wehrhere you can identify individuals impacted by heatwaves? >> this is for the physical environment and not down to the individual. it is down to the areas of the city with built environmental
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vulnerability. >> this is an except and expend, to support the existing positions? are there any members of the public who wish to speak? i have one card, francisco decosta. >> supervisor, i am francisco decosta, director of environmental justice advocacy. we have general statements. when i come to the meetings, we need better data. something will be expanded and i know it will be expanded in the future. the health department has been dubious. we had dr. mitch katz, stating that the air at hunger's point
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-- hunter's point is the cleanest in the city. the woman or lady who was talking to you, she -- you asked a question about expansions for the grant. this was not going to be the case. we, the constituents, want empirical data. in the southeast sector, in the district we know this ois one of the worst areas for liquid factions that are all connected. hopefully, the department of health and whoever runs it in the future, is to give us the
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constituents of san francisco this data. so we can address our children and elders, our vulnerable population. the department of health has not been doing this recently. not in the last 5 years. thank you. >> any other speakers? >> good morning. i am douglas and i have lived in san francisco 58 years. i would like to support this item. it would benefit whoever will effect. since we are talking about environmental health assessment. i would liek tke to thank "the examiner" to talk about the
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shortest of restuarant inspectors. food is such an important element in the life of san francisco. i thought it was unbelievable we were short on them. >> any other members of the public wishing to speak? public comment is closed. this is a grant for $106,526, and 80% is going to travel expenses and payroll and the rest is indirect cost. a motion to move this forward. without objection. item two. >> the department of health extend, retroactively,
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$225,000 to fund the expansion project from september 1, 2010, through august 31, 2011. >> anna kubel is with us. >> this is for $225,000 for the health care coverage initiative. athe grant planning is for three counties, san francisco, contra costa, and alameda. on the first "whereas," the date of the period of the grant is incorrect. it says sept. 1, 2010 through sept. 1, 2010. it should be 2011.
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a one-year grant. the first "whereas" on line 10. the period is september 1, 2010 through sept. 1, 2011. the 2010 should be turned to 2011. >> whwat we have is covering from sept. 1, 2010 to august 30, 2011. >> if you ahve any questions -- have any questions, lindsay angeles is here to answer questions. >> thank you. let's open this for public comment. are there any members of the public wishing to speak? i have one card, francisco
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decosta. >> supervisors, again, this is a chance to the constituents to speak on agenda items that come before you. my only comment, again, is that as the presenters come here, they should provide some information to the constituents. if i asked you -- and you represent us, in san francisco, don't think we are dumb. we can use the freedom of information act, the privacy act -- we have a group that does this. some of you are aware of this,
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some are not. on the first item, you see that over 75% of that money was expanded for an fte. it was presented as a project. you forwarded it to the board of supervisors. they don't know what is going on. they think it has been vetted when it has not. this grant is ok this addresses the general population. again, please, in 2010, we have constituents who can't come here because they are working. we heed information -- need information for whatever grants that are expanded for the benefit of those who deserve it most. not all of the money is here.
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this is region-wide. i have been involved in this many years. let them give us some information. so that we understand the deliberation. this should be a dialog, not a monologue. >> any others who wish to speak? >> my name is douglas yep. i speak in favor of the resolution. it is beneficial for blue shield to do this. i would like to thank them, since we have benefited from the high level of health care, and i want to thank patrick shaw for his articles, to improve the
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quality of care at laguna hospital. mr. shaw and blue shiedlld shoud be commended. thank you. >> other members of the public wishing to speak? public comment is closed. for the department, can you elaborate on the type of work that would be done on this effort? >> i am the senior planner . department of public health. in the revised waiver, a critical funding source for healthy san francisco, we have some new requirements. one of them is the system of record for those individuals has
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to be the medical data sistem. -- system. we have a home-grown system, but now have to get in a new database. to do this and make sure we do this in a way that is most appropriate, we would like somebody with expertise with that data system to help with the fact-finding and design. >> can you tell us how the money will be spent? >> most will go to funding a consultant. we were looking for somebody with expertise. and a small amount is related to indirect expenses.
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>> do you know how many folks are registered? >> currently, we are approaching 55,000 participants. it has served 85,000 unique individuals. after people disenrole -- >> we have served 85,000 unique individuals but have 55,000. sometime we estimated what the program may be at, it was over 60,000 without health coverage. is this number correct? >> we are working on revised estimates. this is done by ucla.
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with the county level -- this should come in the next month. then the data will be available from my director at that time. >> any other questions? seeing one, an item on the floor. >> i make a motion to send it forward. >> a motion and a second to send it forward. without objection. item three. >> item three, resolution for the department of health extend a grant of $877,273 to run the hiv testing for effected populations from sept. 2010 through august 2011, waiving
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indirect cost. >> tracy packer is with us. >> i am here for her, she is traveling for a different grant. this is to expand the cdc grant for the effected populations. it will support expansion of routine hiv testing, in hospitals. it will support connections to care and partner services. and we will focus on african americans and latino men who have sex with men, trans-females who have sex with males, and males who have sex with males. supervisor dufty: this does nto ot require an amendment?
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we are not funding salaries. this is funded from the recipients. >> we are sending it through public health enterprises to support the grant. staffing would include a health manager and another one -- wrking with people who test positive. >> some of the grants say 90% of those who test positive will be contacted. and a medical evaluation. >> to make certain they have viral testing done in 90 days. >> thank you so much. supervisor chu: we would recieve
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$877,000 but sub-contracted with the enterprise, the university of san francisco at $283, and the project health at $220,000. any members of the public wishing to speak on this item? >> supervisors, at the last meeting, i was here. some grants were expanded. for prisoners, who are released. not a huge amount. but there were $750,000 given to delancey. when we get this grant, dealing
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with hiv < wwe have to connect htthe dots. you do not have a method, a blueprint, to get the right information coming out of the prisons. we know, because some of us go to the prisons, a high percentage of those relieved from the prisons are suseptable, or tested -- they are positive for hiv. in bayview-hunter's point, including the district -- in district 10 and 11, there is no
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blueprint to address those who are hiv positive. a lot of victims are homeless. a lot of them are weak. they can't even go to places for nourishment. we are supposed to be a compassionate city. when money is expanded in this manner, let us see more money goes to help the people. the first agenda you see, 95% -- the second agenda, a consultant. we need to get real. we need to get real.
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lucky for us, because of a few of the others, we have changed the health system so our c hildren benefit. when it comes to the population of aids, we have to think outside the box. thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is douglas yep. i worked at the general hospital 20 years. i want to speak on behalf of this resolution. most of the moeny ioney is goino aids patients. rather than paying for salaries.
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something like this may be lauded. i'd like to focus praise on mitch katz. he has done so many things for the department of public health. to be fair, he was a regular person like us, and made a share of mistakes. in this area we are discussing, he was a pioneer and should be recognized as such. supervisor chu: any others wishing to comment? it is closed. we will move this forward, with recommendations? thank you. can you call item 4 and 5. >> ordinance amending the
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mobile food facilities, with a new category of uses. and amending 2.781, and 890.90, and they may not be in an enclosed building, with findings of consistency with the general plan in 101.1. the ordinance for the police and works code, article 17.2 and 17.3 . new article 5.8. redefining mobile caterers and making other am endments. new hearing procedures. amending


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